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Turning Back The Years  

Research continues for anti-ageing treatments. Everyday, more and more research is done on the causes of aging and how to prevent it.

Zena Wilks from Advanced Cosmetic Centre says, “I have dedicated the past 11 years on researching treatments for anti-ageing and it has taken me a long time to formulate the perfect cross section of treatments to offer clients within the clinic that work. I myself have just turned 50 and although I know I will never look 21 again I want to look well groomed and of course younger than my years. However, I believe the art of looking younger is to still look natural. So many times you see a photograph of a movie star who has had too much of the wrong treatment or an unflattering face lift and they just don't look natural.”

“When someone initially comes along to see me for a consultation I give them a mirror and ask what THEY don't like. Once I have a clear idea of the problems they don't like and would like to change I explain the options available to them of procedures that will give them the desired results.”

“It may be that they have experienced hormone changes, meaning that unwanted hair has appeared on the face/body that they just don't like, or that they have suffered years of fighting with unwanted hair, in-growing hairs, infected follicles and just want to get rid of the hair once and for all.”

 “It may be that they have finer lines and wrinkles or deeper lines and wrinkles that they want to get rid of, maybe their skin looks tired, spotty, they have Milia, blackheads, open pores or an uneven texture and needs a boost to make their skin look smoother and more refined.”

 “As we get older we tend to get red veins especially on the cheeks and nose, we can get rid of them so the complexion looks more youthful. We may produce skin-tags, pigmented age spots etc which also shows our age.”

Technology really has moved on so much that you CAN turn back the years. Tel: 01202 244117

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